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We believe Bitcoin is one of the most important assets of our time, providing investors with a reliable and secure store of value. However, one of the biggest challenges is that Bitcoin's volatility creates uncertainty, especially for those unfamiliar with the way the market trades and moves.

At checkonchain, we help you navigate this volatility, by bringing together over 6 years of Bitcoin market analysis experience, and a unique perspective rooted in the study of Bitcoin’s blockchain data (onchain analysis). We provide traders and investors with expert guidance on current events, as well as frameworks for making data-driven decisions.

Our mission? To provide unmatched Bitcoin education and insights, helping you look ahead and respond to market moves with confidence. Think of us as your Bitcoin Personal Trainer.

Who is James Check

James started his career as a civil (geotechnical) engineer, specialising in the design of tunnels, basements, foundations, and mines. He melds his unique experience working with big data, uncertainty, probabilities, and engineering design, with his fascination and passion for finance, markets, and of course, Bitcoin.

He was one of the earliest pioneers in the discipline of Bitcoin onchain analysis, inventing new metrics, analysis frameworks, and educational content since 2019. He built and led the analyst team at Glassnode in 2021-24, and was the principle editor, author, and producer of the industry leading The Week On-chain newsletter and video series. He also co-authored the Cointime Economics framework alongside David Puell (ARK Invest), and delivered keynote talks at several industry conferences, webinars and events.

State of the Bitcoin Market H1 2024

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James is considered by many in the field as a top expert in the analysis of Bitcoin onchain data. He employs a novel blend of data interpretation, and a deep understanding of of investor psychology to assess Bitcoin market conditions.

Some Words From Our Friends

"James is the world's pre-eminent on-chain analyst and I am lucky to benefit from his hard work and insightful deductions. I consider James’ work an integral part of improving client outcomes and furthering client education in bitcoin. If you are serious about Bitcoin, James’ work is a must have"

Peter Dunworth

Founder, The Bitcoin Adviser

"James is the leading voice in the world of Bitcoin on-chain analytics, with years of proof of work to back. His ability to turn raw data into objective market analysis is second to none, and his weekly insights have played a massive part in my journey of studying Bitcoin’s ascent through it’s immutable ledger."

Dylan LeClair

Bitcoin Analyst

"James is one of the Top 3 (if not Top 1) onchain analysts in the cryptocurrency world, who has consistently invented new and mind-boggling onchain indicators for years. Extremely few people have the depth and knowledge of onchain analytics that James possesses."

Murad Mahmudov

Founder, STFX

"Working with James in creating and co-authoring the framework of Cointime Economics was one of the most satisfying experiences of my career."

David Puell

Research Associate, ARK Invest

"James stands out as one of the worlds most insightful Bitcoin on-chain analysts. His work brilliantly demystifies the complexities of Bitcoin, reducing uncertainty and guiding individuals towards a focus on long-term holding. His insights are truly invaluable for anyone looking to understand Bitcoin plus he's a thoroughly nice guy."


Partner, The Bitcoin Adviser

Previous Work


A Groundbreaking Economic Framework for Bitcoin

James invented and co-authored Cointime Economics, alongside David Puell (ARK Invest).
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Glassnode's Flagship Newsletter:
The Week On-chain

James authored, edited and published over 120 editions of Glassnode's flagship newsletter (30k avg readers).
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Coinbase Institutional:
Guide To Crypto Markets

James was invited to present the Guide To Crypto Markets to institutional investors and Coinbase clients.
Watch The Webinar
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Glassnode's Weekly Video Market Update

James delivered over 120 episodes of educational video content, with the channel reaching 76k subscribers, 2.3M views, and 300k hours of watch time.
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What Bitcoin Did Podcast Video Tile With Checkmate


What Bitcoin Did

In James' second appearance on this popular industry podcast, he shares his view on the market and frameworks he developed using on-chain data.
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Bitcoin Magazine Miami Conference

James was invited to speak at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami on a panel covering the 'Future of Financial Forecasting' for Bitcoin.
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